Omagh dwelling house front

New Build Dwelling, Omagh

This very impressive 10.500 sq foot dwelling has been built to a very high specification. There has been a mixture of natural stone, slate, zinc and cedar wood which has resulted in a very modern finish externally. This Dwelling has received a NHBC Pride in the Job Quality Award.
IAT installed all external windows, doors and curtain walling to this dwelling. Bespoke curved screens and pitched angle where also manufactured and installed. The impressive front entrance screen, these bespoke door panel inserts where sourced from our preferred suppliers in Europe. All systems installed where manufactured from the Metal Technology Range of Thermally Enhanced Systems. The benefits of installing these systems are:

  • Excellent U Values
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Aesthetically pleasing

IAT worked closely with the both the Architect and the client, ensuring that the systems installed where suitable for the client’s needs. IAT also liaised with the various other trades involved in detailing out the many different interfaces between the various external finishes.
This New Dwelling was one of the first new build domestic projects that IAT was awarded.This showed that IAT have the capability and knowledge to deliver such a prestige project of this size and scale.

Omagh dwelling house front

Omagh dwelling house front 2

Omagh dwelling house front 3

Omagh dwelling house side

Omagh dwelling house gable end

Omagh dwelling house front doorway

Omagh dwelling house front doorway 2